Free QR Code Tracking

You can track any QR Code scans by simply entering it here and start tracking. It'll generate a new QR Code you can print and scan. Each time you scan it, it'll seamlessly go to your URL destination and report the events and time on this page.

Good news!

Thank to the success of this tool, we decided to build an entire project from it. You'll be able to track many QR Codes and have metrics, exports, and much more. Join the waiting list to know when it's available!

Thanks for using our QR Code Tracking!

In case you are confused, here's some details that could be useful...

How does it work?

Once you track a specific URL, a QR Code you can see on this page is generated. Upon scanning it, it'll go on a transitional page made by Aquiestoy.

The only purpose of this page is to store the date it was accessed, and redirect the client to your endpoint.

Is it seamless and fast?

The client scanning shouldn't even understand it's going to two different pages.

Our infrastructure is mainly hosted in San Francisco and has multiple other data centers that can connect to any client in the world really fast. It's highly scalable and will not go down.

How much can I use it?

There's no limit of use. You can scan each QR Code thousands of time without any problem.

On top of that, if you want us to improve the tool, by sending webhooks, customize the QR Code, or anything of this fashion, you can send us an email and we'll work on it.

Does activity history expire?

For unknown users, the expiration is at 6 weeks after the last hit occurred for each URL.

However, if you're a registered user of Aquiestoy, this history does not expire, so don't hesitate and register for free.

Can I use the API directly?

If you're a developer or simply want to integrate with our system, you can.

The current API endpoint is[YOUR-URL] and it sends out JSON. You can poll it frequently without problem.

What's the difference with other QR Code Trackers?

Our QR Code Tracker is ultra straightforward and simple to use. You enter your URL, and it gets the events history, nothing more.

When searching for this kind of technology at Aquiestoy, we didn't find any simple solution like this, so we decided to build it.

How is my data used?

Your data isn't used in anyway by Aquiestoy. This is a free tool we want you to use to get curious about our other services. The data you transmit here are kept safely in a database and isn't tracked or send anywhere else than on this page, and for yourself.

In case you want to remove all tracking events, we can do so on-demand. We are fully GDPR compliant and will do it within days of you asking.

Are there any other tools I can use for free?

Aquiestoy propose a lot of different tools you can freely use. Please visit the tools page to see more.