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Here is a list of common questions you may have...

What is a QR code?

QR Code means Quick Response Code and it's a two-dimensional barcode. It typically contains information encoded in a pattern of black squares and white background, but is often customized in different colors and shapes, like with our free QR code generator.

QR Codes can store various types of data, such as URLs, text, contact information and more. They are used in many different ways such as redirecting to websites, making shortcut to access applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram or other social networks, etc.

How can I scan a QR Code?

To scan a QR Code, you can simply use your smartphone, or a QR Code scanner.

For example, for iPhone users, you just have to open your camera and focus on the QR Code, and the device will propose to access the end data.

Do QR Codes expire?

QR Code do not expire. They can be considered like a text that any QR Code interpreter scan read and convert.

The data being accessed once the QR Code is interpreted by your device can expire. It's often the case of URL if they are changed, you'll have to generate a new QR Code for the new URL.

Is there a scan limit to QR Codes?

There's no scan limit for QR Codes.

The data being returned ould be available for a limited time, in this case, the QR Code may returns an obsolete or unavailable destination or information.

What's the difference with other QR Code Generators?

Like most of our tools, the added value in our QR Code Generator is that it fits in one page and is extremely reactive.

First of all, it's quite simple to use. You don't ask yourself more than a second where to start because we made our QR Code Generator as minimalist as possible, but with essential advanced customization capabilities.

Similar QR Code Generators on the Internet will have multiple pages and an overall slow process to generate what you want. We don't do that. Most of the algorithm is processed with your browser and is very lightweight thus the fast refresh when you change a parameter.

Is it free for commercial use?

This is completely free and unlimited for any use.

We propose you with this free tool alongside other free tools so that you get interested by our main service. Feel free to share it. It's free forever.

Are you using my data?

We aren't using your data.

On top of that, the data you share with this tool is not transmitted to our server. This is a local only solution that stays in your browser.

Can I use it for social medias?

Some hidden variations were created for this exact purpose. On top of that, you can even customize them to your own taste. Don't hesitate to use them:

QR Code Generator for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

What kind of format can be used?

We provide you with several images format. Thanks to that, you can generate and download customized QR Code as you see fit:

QR Code Generator in SVG, PNG, JPEG and WEBP