They scan, you know. Self check-in for your workforce.

  • Quick setup in less than 1 minute.
  • Let them clock into the company using their phone.
  • Manage their time, activate alerting, and more.

Easy check-in for the whole company.

Unlock the full potential of Aquiestoy by reviewing live activity, understanding employee trends, and dividing your company into different zones with their own rules and alerts.
Screenshot of feature events

Track daily activity.

The live events section will tell you who's still there, highlight important alerts, and show some global metrics for the day. You can also scroll back in the calendar to see past days.

Live Events

  • Instant update of events
  • Quick calculations of work time


  • Anomaly highlighting
  • Alerts

Detailed information on each employee

Get daily, weekly, and monthly insights on each of your employees.
  • Macro charts to analyze and compare daily activity
  • Timesheets to delve into their shifts
  • Printable version of all your data
Screenshot of feature analytics
Screenshot of feature settings

Custom settings, to suit your company.

Keep default settings or customize your experience. There's no limit to the rules you can set for your employees.

Working Time

  • Automatic check-out
  • Geolocation system
  • Strange behavior analysis

Smart QR Codes

  • Temporary QR codes
  • Protection against deceptive behaviors.
  • Multiple zones

Hear from the first adopters.

We listen to our customers and are ready to listen to their feedback. Without these customers, thank you, we know we are headed in the right direction.
testimony-Jérémie Ges
Aquiestoy has been a game-changer for time management. Smart QR codes and mobile zone features are really helpful for us as a 100% remote company.
Jérémie Ges
Founder of Caard
testimony-Karen Iredy
We integrated Aquiestoy into our factory business operations, and the results have been extraordinary. The ease of use and powerful geolocated insights made us more efficient than ever.
Karen Iredy
COO of Jilocc

Basically, our mission at Aquiestoy.

For this project, we always refocus on the same values we set from the beginning. Here's a summary.

Ease of use

Quick setup and accessibility by design. We want you and your employees to be able to use our system in less than 1 minute.

Daily tracking

Data is important. We help you collect as much data as possible about your employees' activity on a daily basis.


We alert you if an anomaly appears, so you can check that everything is in order.

Useful insights

We create reports and insights from different time periods so you can analyze your employees' performance yourself.

Company fit

We want to give you a personalized experience. Through our settings, you can tailor your usage to fit perfectly with your company or departments.

Legal records

You can use Aquiestoy as a legal basis if necessary. By exporting our generated reports, you get all the exact dates and times.
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